Fäkart makes affordable custom decorative art that can add beauty and style to anyone’s life. Artists are paid by the hour, based on inflation-adjusted 1938 WPA wage standards to create custom or inspired artwork based on our clients’ needs. Everyone has the right to have art. The Art Market need not apply. Nothing against the Art Market, it’s just not for everyone. Our work is always affordable. Martha, eat your heart out!

* The WPA employed a maximum of 3.3 million in November 1938. Worker pay was based on three factors: the region of the country, the degree of urbanization and the individual’s skill. It varied from $19/month to $94/month. The goal was to pay the local prevailing wage, but to limit a person to 30 hours or less a week of work.  That’s $.63 – $3.00 per hour. $0.63 in 1938 had about the same buying power as $13.28 in 2010,  $3.00 in 1938 had about the same buying power as $46.38 in 2010.

Axel Fäkart – abstract paintings & stencils- custom & inspired

$20 per hour plus materials (the average painting costs less than $100)

Horst P. Fäkart – travel photography

$50 per print, plus materials

Marjorie Fäkart landscape photography

$50 per print, plus materials

Miami Fäkart – paper mache and sewn objects

Nico Fäkart – architectural paintings

bohoomnimedia (at) gmail.com

Axel: abstract paintings & stencils- custom & inspired

Studio Views

Horst: Travel Photography

  • We have a plethora of beautiful images from Horst’s travels around the world- Europe, India, Mexico, Taiwan, Turkey and more. Let us know what you’d like to see.
  • Please contact us if you are an artist interested in joining our team, willing to supply affordable custom art to anyone