Cluttered? Overwhemed? Can’t find it? Lacking systems?

“You should try Lexa Walsh. She is recommended on BPN already, which is why we called her. We have just started working with her, and she has had extremely helpful suggestions for organizing our home — very practical. She asks lots of questions about how you live, helping you to consider organizational plans that are consistent with that (i.e., you have to accept the way you are, and move towards solutions that work for you). For example, we had issues with mail/bills: our proposed solution was to make a dedicated space for them upstairs in the office. Her question to us was: will you bring the mail straight up there every day, or will you just leave it on the table downstairs, moving the piles around, etc? 🙂 Her question made us realize we needed a solution downstairs… She is a designer and artist, so she also I think has a good aesthetic sense, which makes her good at redesign work (i.e. reorganizing a room with the furniture and items you have, making it better). She has worked with lots of people in the community. Lexa can do both the ”conceptual” part of helping you figure out what you need and how to make your home/areas more functional, and the ”roll up your sleeves” part of just physically helping you to make it happen. My husband has really found her thoughts about the basement/garage helpful (and we will be working with her on that too). She’s also just lovely to be around. Thank heaven someone out there is organized…”


“Call Lexa Walsh at 510.282.6311. She’s a designer and she’s also an incredible organizer and space planner. She recently helped a friend of mine re-organize and re-conceive her kitchen, as well as her kids’ room and dining area/play room. It was an incredible transformation and my friend felt tremendous relief afterward. She’s affordable and flexible, and I’m sure would help immeasurably. She also does great color-consultation and rearranging/staging. I recommend her to friends and clients all the time and so far, everyone has been delighted!”

-Testimonials from Berkeley Parents Network

Herein lie the basic tenets of our Organization Theory:

  • You can change your space more easily than your habits
  • You can have “stuff”- if you know why you have it and where it is
  • Things should be stored near where they are used
  • Storage must be easily accessible or you won’t use your systems
  • Organized people get more done and have more fun

Here’s how it works:

  • We have a free phone consultation, where you describe your lifestyle, space and ‘stuff’ issues
  • We have a 1-hour * consultation in your space, where we walk through and look at the problems, often finding immediate solutions
  • You are sent a work and space plan, which you put into effect yourself, or hire us to help you
  • Future consultations and work parties, where we purge, make storage systems, and set them in place, and move forward

* almost every one-hour consultation has turned into a few hours of great productivity, because the client has liked how far we have gotten in the first hour

We do kitchens, closets, offices, filing systems, basements, attics…

$50 per hour, 15% discount for large projects (10+ hours)

bohoomnimedia (at)