Interior Design, Space Planning and Home Styling

We help clients style their homes in a budget-conscious, sustainable way. We’ll re-use your own furniture and accessories whenever possible, with some revamping when necessary. We do Furniture Re-Fabulousing, including decorative painting to make your surfaces special. Metal leafing, collage, decorative color & faux finishes: revamping mediocrity into FABULOUSITY. Then, we’ll seek out previously-owned materials, supplemented with new things when necessary. We work with local upholsterers, sewers, carpenters, etc. to get the job done.

We choose paint colors from our professional deck.

We choose and hang art so it shows off as best it can.

We make your collections come to life with shelf magic.

Boho Chic’s designers have 13 years of collected experience in the interior design and home staging industry.

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Custom Furniture